Trade Talks: Starting Pitching

Photo by Gail Burton/AP Photo

Ryan MacLeod (RyanMacLeod15)
Contributing Writer

It is no secret that the Red Sox need help in their rotation. Right now the team only has four starters on the 25 man roster. With Clay Buchholz being sent to the bullpen and Joe Kelly being optioned back to Pawtucket after his last start there no good option to become the fifth member of the rotation. Currently this team has an Ace, David Price, and two guys that have been good, both Steven Wright and Rick Porcello. Eduardo Rodriguez has been lackluster to start the year, but he has only made two starts.

So that means that it is time to look elsewhere. There will always be talk about wanting to go trade for a superstar, someone like Jose Fernandez, but Fernandez would cost prospects that the Red Sox have claimed are untouchables and a current superstar that is on the Red Sox MLB roster. Sonny Gray has also been linked to the Red Sox, but he would command a price similar to what Fernandez would cost. That is why I think the best move is to look at someone who is currently in some hot water. A guy who's teammates are clearly fed up with, but also has a huge amount of potential and is extremely young. It is time the Red Sox look to go out and trade for Yordano Ventura.

Yes, Ventura is the guy that just hit Manny Machado, causing a benching clearing brawl in Baltimore. Yes, this is not the first time that Ventura's antics caused a brawl. Yes, Ventura has received suspensions because of his antics and can expect to be getting a longer suspension this time around. Yes, Ventura is starting to seem like the guy that his teammates don't want to be around. All of these are caution flags, not only for the Red Sox but also for the Royals. It appears that Ventura is staring to become somewhat of a cancer in that clubhouse, and for a team that is attempting to make it to the World Series for the third time in three years, that is something they can't afford.

And that is why the Red Sox should go after Ventura. The Royals bench completely ignored Ventura when he returned to the dugout, there he sat alone as his teammates turned their backs and refused to look at him. Ventura only 25 years old and is one of the hardest throwing starting pitchers in the game. He has a 5.38 ERA in 12 starts this year, but has struck out 44 batters with 35 walks. Ventura would command quite a price from the Red Sox, but they could probably trade him for either Travis Shaw or Jackie Bradley Jr. straight up.

While that sounds like a steep price to pay, remember that JBJ is currently having a difficult time since his 29 game hitting streak ended and Shaw has been struggling as well. If Ventura would come to the Red Sox he would be around familiar faces, with him being from the Dominican Republic, he has always idolized Pedro Martinez and he also would do well under the close supervision of David Ortiz.

While Ventura is an extremely risky choice, he is one of the best pitchers that could possibly be on the trading block and if the Red Sox act quick enough he would be for a lower price. He goes against almost everything that the Red Sox clubhouse wants and needs, but more than what the clubhouse attitude needs is what the entire organization needs, and that is starting pitching.

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