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Brian Hines
Contributing Writer

Since 1938, Jimmie Foxx has held the Red Sox record for most home runs in a season hitting 50. A record that already stood for a while and seemed to stand for longer. But in 2006, David Ortiz wanted to join the record books. It broke a record that was held for the last 68 years.

It came on September 21, 2006. The Red Sox were facing the Twins, the team that originally cut Ortiz. The Twins had their ace Johan Santana on the hill for that game. Santana was one of the best land-handed pitchers in the league. He won the AL Cy Young that season while posting a 2.77 ERA, 1.00 WHIP while collecting 19 wins.

But nothing stood in the way of Big Papi.

With 50 home runs on the year already, Ortiz took Santana deep. That home run was his 51st of the season which broke Jimmie Foxx's record.

Ortiz admires one of his 54 home runs in 2006
Photo Courtesy of http://bigpapi.co
Later in that game he hit his 52nd of the season and when the season ended, Ortiz crushed a total of 54 home runs. A franchise record that seems to last another 68 years and probably more.

Ortiz hit 54 home runs that season and knocked in 137 RBIs. Ortiz finished second in both categories to Ryan Howard of the Phillies. And despite is magical season, he finished second in AL MVP voting to Alex Rodriguez.

Watch David Ortiz hit his 51st home run of 2006 here:

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