Can you actually believe Andrew Benintendi is just 22 years old?

If Andrew Benintendi wasn't offered $3.5 million dollars almost two years ago, he would still be crushing homers in Razorback country.

Yes, Benintendi would be a 22 year old senior, but instead he's making a living manning Fenway's historic Green Monster.

Benintendi, who finds himself in the midst of a five game hitting streak and is slashing .322 on the young season. He won the series arguably single handedly this past weekend, Sunday he went 3 for 5 with two runs scored and then delivered the game-winning hit in a comeback win in the annual Marathon Monday game.
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Benintendi's defense has been just 'ok' so far as he recently made the switch from a natural center fielder to playing left field last summer when his path to big leagues started to speed up after tearing up basically every level he played at throughout the minors. The only key mistake he's made was when he misjudged a ball in center field on Sunday when Brad Miller hit one to the track that would clear the bases, however he made up for the mistake with his bat.

These mistakes are something you see out of a 23 year old trying to make a name for himself in the majors, however, Benintendi has kept those mistakes to a minimum and hasn't looked fazed at the major league level at all.

His confidence at the plate is something you see out of a veteran, but he is really just a rookie with under forty games of major league experience.

Andrew Benintendi is going to be a star for a long time and he sure looks good doing it in America's most beloved ballpark.

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