Red Sox lineup feeling blue

Brian Hines
Contributing Writer

The Red Sox clubhouse might be a place to avoid as of late. Within the past week or two, at least five Red Sox players and two coaches have been quarantined because of the flu.

Left handed reliever Robbie Ross Jr's case was so bad he landed on the disabled list. Star outfielder Mookie Betts has played just one game this season and Hanley Ramirez is scheduled to miss his second straight game this afternoon. 

According to manger John Farrell, nearly 20 percent of the Opening Day roster has experienced dizziness, congestion, dehydration and upset stomachs. Newly acquired first baseman Mitch Moreland said his fever "got up to 103.2, or something like that." He also added how he nearly dropped 12 pounds in a week.

Mitch Moreland, who caught one of the worst cases of the flu, catches a pop up in spring training.
Photo Courtesy of Matt Stone

Brock Holt hasn't had it as bad as Moreland, but he was seen carrying a bottle of Pedialyte as he left Comerica Park on Friday. He tested negative for influenza, as did Moreland.

"The weird thing is that some people are getting the flu, some people are getting stomach stuff," Holt says. "It's crazy how many people. You think, all right, this is going to be the last guy, but it keeps finding one or two other guys slowly. And it's gotten to us pretty good."

Farrell backed up Holt's comments that there are three separate "things going around" as of now. 

"We were run down physically, so we were a little more susceptible to it," Farrell says. "The severity of it and the widespread nature of this, it's pretty unique."

The whole team received flu shots in the fall, a normal procedure for the ball club. When hitting coaches Chili Davis and Victor Rodriguez along with Moreland were diagnosed in the final week of spring training, they avoided the ballpark as a whole.

"I've never seen anything go through a clubhouse like this," said Moreland. "Maybe like a stomach bug or something, but that's like a day thing, and most guys probably play through that type of stuff. I hate it for the guys that got it because I've been there and done it. It's not a whole lot of fun."

The Red Sox take on the Tigers at 1 p.m. on Saturday with another run down lineup. Joe Kelly will be unavailable as he has been hit with the flu. Xander Bogaerts (bereavement) and Matt Barnes (bereavement) are also out.