RSL Podcast

Three weeks into the season and we've finally gotten around to the much anticipated debut of the Red Sox Life Podcast. The goal here is to cover the latest story-lines that the team has and extend our opinions to the podcast world. Our contributors will be all coming from the RSL staff and I'm pumped to be the host on what I expect to be the best global Red Sox podcast around (and I'm confident in that statement because we have writers from not only around the country but around the world).

Leading off is our captain and all around baseball guy, Jim Monaghan. He's been with the site the longest and has been eagerly awaiting our expansion of the site. We covered the most recent Sox story that just occurred last Friday night at Camden Yards and continued to Sunday afternoon. Plenty has already been said about the Machado/Pedroia back and forth, so we wanted to touch on this as well.

Also, because it's our debut, we needed to give our gut feelings on how we think this team is performing so far. Have they met expectations and can this team handle all of the early season injuries?

We wrapped up with our opinions on ROY candidate Andrew Benintendi. As much as we'd like to be in the hot-take business, I'd really like to see this kid develop without the typical overreaction of Sox Nation.

Hope everyone enjoys the debut pod, and we hope to be doing this as often as the schedule allows us to.

Have a question for Mike during the game or whenever a baseball discussion is going on, reach out via Twitter: @86flynn