Top Five Nicknames Red Sox Players Should Use During Player's Weekend

June 11, 2017 - Source: Jim Rogash/Getty Images North America)
Evan Marinofsky
Contributing Writer 

It was announced yesterday that Major League Baseball will hold its first Players Weekend later on this summer. The goal of the event will be to allow athletes to showcase their personalities through almost no uniform restrictions.

The event is being planned for Aug. 25-27, according to a memo obtained by Yahoo Sports.

One of the biggest parts of the weekend is that a player will be allowed to put a nickname on the back of his jersey, as long as it's not "inappropriate or offensive".

The Red Sox have lots of players who could put great nicknames on the backs of their jersey. Here are the top five nicknames Red Sox players could possibly sport.

5.) Pablo Sandoval: Panda 

So this one's pretty typical. Sandoval had this nickname before he even came to Boston. It would be pretty good for him to put this on his jersey because this is actually his nickname.

It hasn't been played up very much since he's come to Boston because well, the guy has sucked thus far.

The only complication with that nickname being on his jersey is he may not even be here to do it. There's rumors that he may get released soon.

Time will only tell.

4.) Xander Bogaerts: X 

People call Bogaerts the "X-man" but I believe that just "X" would do. I think it'd be really funny considering it's one letter.

Bogaerts really doesn't have any other nicknames so this one would be cool. X is a cool letter and to just have that be the one letter would be even cooler.

3.) Fernando Abad: Agood

Alright, alright, it's a pun. But I think it's a good one. See? I did it again!

This would be funny because it would give some attention to a bullpen guy who doesn't get much of it. People would be asking "why 'Agood'" and then boom they'd have that lightbulb moment where everything just makes sense.

The only problem here is that if he does this nickname, he actually has to pitch well. Or else he'd become the meme of the baseball world.

2.) Robbie Ross Jr.: The Lawnmower 

This is Ross' actual nickname courtesy of Barstool Sports' Jared Carrabis.

Carrabis gave him the nickname on Twitter and it's stuck ever since. Players even use it in the Red Sox clubhouse when referring to Ross.

This would be another bullpen guy going all-out with the nicknames. My hot take: all the bullpen guys use a crazy nickname that they either have or made up about themselves.

1.) Dustin Pedroia: The Destroyah 

This is a classic nickname that Pedroia's had since the beginning of his career. If you're walking out of Fenway and into Kenmore Square, you're bound to see a guy at a cart selling a "Pedroia the Destroyah" shirt.

A timeless Fenway tradition if you ask me.

This nickname has always sort of stuck because when you say "destroyer" in a Boston accent it becomes "Destroyah". Destroyah rhymes with Pedroia.

Boom. Kudos to Boston with that nickname.

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