The Aaron Judge/Mookie Betts Rivalry is Taking Over Baseball

The rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox has been going for much longer than anyone expected. But it is the sort of rivalry that makes sports betting lines for the MLB season exciting.

And it isn’t just the rivalry between the teams that get people talking, but rather the rivalries within the rivalries. Many a legendary debate has been had over topics like Don Mattingly VS Wade Boggs and Joe DiMaggio VS Ted Williams.

Everyone has a favorite individual competition and most of them normally live up to the hype. And right now, as all eyes turn to the second half of the season, the Aaron Judge VS Mookie Betts debates have begun to rage. If you love baseball, then you will notice that everyone keeps asking you to pick between Judge and Betts.

There is a reason to root for both players. They are such exciting prospects, though some people think that Judge’s height makes him a bigger risk because of all the holes pitchers can take advantage of.

When Judge arrived in Spring training in February, his performance in the previous season had been so uninspiring that he was actually competing for a job. As such, a Betts VS Judge question wouldn’t have attracted much interest at the time because Betts was on fire, blossoming into a superstar and outperforming every other player in his position.

However, Betts no longer enjoys that advantage, not after the thirty home runs Judge delivered at the All-Star Break. The naming of a rooting section in the right field at Yankee Stadium after Aaron Judge (the Judge’s Chambers) speaks volumes about the changes that this season has brought.

The tall athlete has seen his profile skyrocket, with Commissioner Rob Manfred recognizing his talents after he won the Home Run Derby. The rookie, who is very nimble and athletic, has been trailing Betts closely for the last couple of months.

Everyone who understands baseball has noticed the discipline with which Aaron Judge plays, not to mention his shorter and quicker swings. The power and the RBI potential that he brings to the table make Judge such a clear favorite.

Of course, there is a reason Betts still enjoys so much support. As impressive as Judge has been, a lot of pundits do not expect him to maintain his 57-homer pace; he could come down, becoming a consistent 40-homer hitter. He also has the potential to settle at a far lower level.

Few tall players (6-foot-6 and above) have 100 career home-runs or more. Betts who is shorter and lighter than Aaron Judge never fails to deliver with his lightning-fast hands. You won’t find that many athletes Betts’ size generating anywhere near as much power.

Because Betts has a longer track record, his performance is easier to trust. Betts is a well-rounded player. Aaron Judge only seems to boast a burst of power that he might be incapable of delivering on a consistent basis.

Everyone recognizes what Betts can do, which is why his price tag is going to spike in the next couple of seasons. Of, course, if Judge can maintain his current pace, then he will definitely leave Betts in the dust.