Red Sox losses in pitching depth down the stretch to surgery

Eric D. Schabell
Contributing Writer

As the last month of regular season games roll through Fenway Park, the Red Sox are dealing with an array of pitching arm issues.

David Price is again out with left elbow inflammation, the same aliment that forced him to miss most of the first two months of the regular season.

He went on the 10-day disabled list the 25th of July, but by the look of things he just might make it back as some sort of bullpen filling for the postseason. That's a big 'if' at the moment and remember the last time Price came out of the bullpen for the Blue Jays it was to the tune of a 7.20 ERA.

Who is looking forward to Price as a relief option?

Another burning question is how long before this symptom ends in a long term disabled list stint with surgical repairs?

Robbie Ross Jr went from Triple-A this year on to the Red Sox 60-day disabled list as a favor to his major league tenure. It was on the 19th of May for left elbow inflammation but it was reported on that Ross underwent microdiscectomy (lumbar spine) surgery on Wednesday, 30 August.

Dr. Louis Jenis performed the surgery at the Newton Wellesley Spine Center and he's on a schedule to start spring training 2018.

Going by the little known nickname of lawnmower, given to him by Dustin Pedroia, he will be missed in the Red Sox bullpen this postseason.

He has one heck of a sense of humor and posted his status, up and mobile after the surgery.

The knuckleballer Steven Wright has been out since April 30th having had reconstructive knee surgery. It was some time since we heard anything from him so when he appeared on the Green Line on his way to Fenway for some physical therapy, we checked in on his progress:

For now it will be the job of the current bullpen and rotation to carry the Red Sox through to the postseason. After that, it's game-by-game and series by series.

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