Dave Dombrowski interviews Alex Cora, continues managerial search

Brian Hines
Contributing Writer

Alex Cora during his time in Boston
Source of Photo is Unknown
As the Red Sox search for their new manager to replace John Farrell, President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowksi met with his first candidate on Sunday. Dombrowski held a meeting with Astros bench coach Alex Cora in New York, and explained it "went fine" in an email.

Cora has been one of the hottest managerial commodities this offseason, drawing interest from the Mets and Tigers as well. He spent his off day from the ALCS to take his first manager interview, perhaps indicating he's the favorite for the Boston job. The Astros had to grant permission for him to interview and can't officially be hired until they are eliminated.

An unidentified source also mentioned to Puerto Rico's El Nuevo Dia that "there is a 99.9% chance of [Cora] being named Red Sox leader. They want him for the job. That post is for him. Alex is very beloved there. And he would love to run Boston. They want to make the fast decision.”

Boston has also reportedly reached out to the Diamondbacks to interview bench coach Rob Gardenhire. Gardenhire, who turns 60 this month, coached the Twins for 13 seasons recording over 1,000 wins and six division titles.

In the press conference held by Dave Dombrowksi after the John Farrell firing, Dombrowski mentioned the preferred to hire someone with experience behind the bench, not a rookie. That would favor managers like Rob Gardenhire or former Tigers manager Brad Ausmus over Alex Cora or Jason Varitek.
"Being in a dugout during a game and seeing what the manager encounters is probably helpful," Dombrowski said. "I do think it would be difficult for a person more so [in Boston] than in some other places to walk directly onto the field without some on-field managerial experience at some level or big league coaching." 
The Red Sox will continue to move quickly in their managerial search but have not released a timetable. The Mets, Tigers and Phillies are also in the hunt for a new manager.