The Red Sox Life Staff Reacts To the Farrell Firing

Jim Monaghan
Content Coordinator

Photo courtesy of NBC Sports
Right after the Red Sox fired manager John Farrell this past week,'s Eric Schabell wrote a piece that prompted a behind-the-scenes conversation among the RSL staff.

Brian Hines also went in depth on possible candidates to replace Farrell.

BEN WHITEHEAD - I don't like this move. If they were going to do this, should've done it last year and hired Torey Lovullo. As it is, who is going to take over?

JIM MONAGHAN - according to some of the #FireFarrell crowd, anyone would be better than Manager John.

BRYAN MAURO - I hate this move, I really don't like it at all. Team just won two straight division titles for the first time in history and they fire the guy....

ERIC D. SCHABELL - It could be really interesting with Yankees skipper Joe Girardi most likely next. He seems super unhappy there. Would you like to see him in Boston (when's last time we got one of theirs)?

BRYAN MAURO - Word on the street from media types who know Girardi personally said that he doesn't have a passion for baseball anymore and doesn't want to manage anywhere.

ERIC D. SCHABELL - Shame as he is really good with young talent.... and would be fun to see him back in NY as Boston skipper.

MICHAEL FLYNN - I agree with Ben on this. If they had any inclination of firing him they should have done it following last year and kept Lovullo.  However, he was given a team that on paper should have produced more than one playoff win in two postseasons.  Time to move on and get a new voice for the young guys.   I know the short list has already been rumored to be Gary DeSarcina, Alex Cora, Brad Ausmus and who knows, maybe Jason Varitek is interested?

JIM MONAGHAN - Girardi was getting KILLED here in New York City on the talk shows after not challenging that hit-by-pitch non-call against Cleveland.

BRYAN MAURO - Brad Ausmus would be a terrible hire in my opinion. Look what he did to the Tigers. Regarding Girardi, yeah he isn't a very good manager and makes some bone headed moves, but I just don't know if he actually wants to manage anywhere.

JIM MONAGHAN - The complaints in NYC about Girardi are similar to the ones in Boston about Farrell. The decision the other night to not challenge the hit-by-pitch was the tipping point for many down here. From a distance, the NY radio guys are talking about how Farrell has won three divisional titles in five years and a World Series - more of a big picture view.

BRYAN MAURO - Yeah that should kind of be the view everyone takes.  If doing that were easy, every team in the league would be doing it.

BEN WHITEHEAD - I agree with Bryan and Mike.  I see all sides to this, but it just doesn't make sense. On one hand, you fire a guy with a World Series and three divisional titles in five years. On the other, you can't keep a guy who many had predicted to have one of the best teams on paper all year. Performance wasn't getting it done. So keep the status quo until you have an absolute reason to do one or the other. That said, no more dwelling on it. Who do we hire? I like Gary DiSarcina because he has worked with these guys for years in the minors. But is he THE guy? Maybe he can be like Lovullo. I don't have the answer, I just don't like this at all.

JIM MONAGHAN - I think Farrell had lost enough of the players this year to have upper management feel a change needed to be done. David Price clearly had issues with Farrell and the more I think about it, the more I think the Dustin Pedroia / Manny Machado "it's not me" thing may be another sign of issues inside the clubhouse.

BEN WHITEHEAD - Great point, Jim.

BRYAN MAURO - Is anyone else concerned Pedroia may be done?

JIM MONAGHAN - Absolutely. I was in favor of trading him over a year ago. In fact, I wrote about it in 2015.

BRYAN MAURO - But then who fills the void at second base? Eduardo Nunez? Brock Holt? A free agent, or Josh Tobias? Second base is barren in the Red Sox system.

ERIC D. SCHABELL - It's in my article, Bryan.  I don't think he's done but think he has some damage that is more extensive like what Steven Wright had.  Assume Red Sox will ride Holt/Nunez + eventual AAA help.

It will probably be awhile before the Red Sox even begin interviewing candidates to replace John Farrell. Who do YOU think has the inside track for the job?

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