Will Eduardo Nunez Prove His Worth Back with the Red Sox?

Eduardo Nunez was last seen in the Red Sox jersey back in 2017, before he injured his right knee which ultimately put him out of action for months. Nunez is fit again and, the only thing stopping him from pulling on the Red Sox jersey again is a physical test, which is set to be carried out shortly after his confirmation revealing. He shouldn’t have too many problems in the physical test as he’s been training properly for a couple of months now. However, should anything go wrong, the Red Sox can terminate the offer and they can go looking elsewhere for a good utilityman. If he passes his physical test though, will he be able to prove his worth like he did when he was first signed by the Boston Red Sox?

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The Deal is Rumored to be a One Year Contract
Nunez wouldn’t at all mind his contract offer of just one year, as he’s currently out of contract until he re-signs with the Red Sox. There is an offer within that contract which states Red Sox can offer him another year on top of that should he prove his worth on the pitch this year. Therefore, it could end up being a two-year contract if things go well for him during spring training and then the upcoming season.

What Will the Red Sox Get from Eduardo?
One of the main reasons the Red Sox wanted to add him to their roster again was purely because he’s one of the most experienced players in the MLB. He starred for the New York Yankees from 2004 when he was called up from a free transfer and they took advantage of that in 2010. He’s been with the Red Sox since July last year and has had an excellent start to life in the Red Sox jersey. Another thing that sets Eduardo apart from other infielders is that he’s very versatile. He’s a player that can play anywhere and come up with something out of nothing when it really matters. Have a look at the latest baseball bets to see what Eduardo is worth in the betting.

Eduardo Nearly Went Elsewhere
Of course, the Red Sox were going to be his first choice of club to return to after his injury set back, and the Red Sox were already interested in him during the offseason. However, Eduardo had numerous offers from other clubs in the league, the Metz and Yankees were just a couple of them. He had a decent spell with the Yankees, but he didn’t want to return in the hope that the Red Sox would re-sign him, and that looks like it’s going to happen, with just physical test standing in his way.

How Will He Compete in Spring Training?
Alex Cora knows he’s got a lot to offer the Red Sox, but he also knows he’s going to have to ease him in before he can compete at his best again. He’s had a terrible injury to his right knee and, although the physical test will give Cora a good idea as to how he can implement him during spring training, he will still have to go careful, so Eduardo doesn’t end up with another injury setback that could cost him the season.

Nunez Has Been Lucky with Other Free Agents Proving Pointless
Last season proved free agents aren’t always the best option when it comes to giving clubs additional firepower. Many free agents didn’t live up to their potential and that has ultimately given Nunez a way back in, as the Red Sox know he’s one of the best free agents available. Nunez now gives the Red Sox additional options at second base, as their current player in Dustin Pedroia is also sidelined with a knee injury, and is currently recovering from surgery.

Nunez wanted to be an everyday player and thanks to the Red Sox, it’s looking more and more likely he’s going to get it. If the 30-year-old utilityman can prove his worth on the field in the upcoming season, the Red Sox will almost certainly have him on their roster for another year and possibly longer.