Hanley Ramirez is having more fun than ever

Robert Bouffard - Contributing Writer

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Sousa-USA Today Sports

Even though the 2017 Red Sox won 93 games and finished first in the American League East, many people called the team unlikeable. One of the main culprits of the team being “unlikeable” was Hanley Ramirez.

This season, though, Ramirez is one of the most fun parts of the team. In April, he told MassLive.com that people in the organization wanted him to display his personality more.

"That's one of the things everybody keeps telling me from the front office, all the (people) who work here doing things off the field, that you've got to let the fans know you're a great guy," Ramirez said.

From tweeting after wins,

to saying he’s going for a 30/30 season,

to being great with kids,

Ramirez is really trying to let his personality become more evident than it’s ever been in Boston.

It was on display even more yesterday for On-Field Photo Day before the game. He came out onto the field in a floral tank top, shorts and flip flops while the rest of the team wore uniforms or warmup clothes.

This isn’t the first time Ramirez has come out wearing something destined to grab attention. On Mother’s Day, he put on pink catcher’s gear before the game.

After a frustrating first campaign with the Sox in 2015, he’s showing fans that there’s a very lovable side to him.

But this would all get annoying if he wasn’t backing it up on the field. Fortunately, even though he’s not quite on pace for the 30/30 season he predicted, he’s still been productive enough so far. He’s batting .271 with six homers and 29 RBI, while playing good defense. He’s even been able to stay away from any injuries.

With Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez both being Triple Crown and MVP threats, the Red Sox don’t need to worry about Ramirez’s production. But they sure as heck can be happy about the emergence of his personality.

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