Betts Sore Side Cause for Concern?

Sam Farmer - Contributing Writer (@samfarmer24)

The division is wrapped up at this point and the Red Sox look well on their way to claiming the best record in all of baseball. One minor point of concern that arose this past weekend is the sore side of Mookie Betts.

Betts made two throws from the outfield in Sunday’s game and was subsequently pulled from the game with some discomfort. The Sox had an off day Monday and Mookie was scheduled to be in the lineup at CF for the Tuesday game at the Yankees. However, Alex Cora pulled him before the game, citing concerns about the bad weather.
AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

This injury is similar to the one that put Betts out of commission earlier in the year, so it is a little worrying. Mookie has said that he feels fine and that hitting and throwing don't cause any pain for him. However, he has said that the soreness makes maximum effort throws such as the ones made Sunday difficult.

Alex Cora is likely going to play it safe with Mookie, as we can’t afford to have our best player anything less than 100% in October. Hopefully Betts is telling the truth when he says the injury is nowhere near as bad as the June one that kept him out 12 games.  With the division essentially won (hopefully tonight) and plenty of extra September depth on the roster, Cora can afford to give Mookie a few extra days off during the final stretch if needed.

Mookie will likely get a start at DH against the Yankees tonight, as another precautionary measure by Cora. Not being in the outfield will allow him some additional rest, while still getting him at bats and allowing him to help power this Sox lineup.