Dodgers Struggle in Fenway Climate

Sam Farmer - Contributing Writer (@samfarmer24)

The Sox put on another strong performance in Game 2, winning 4-2 behind some strong pitching and a two run J.D Martinez single. The series now heads to LA with the Dodgers desperately needing a win in Game 3. They will also be very happy to be returning home, as the California team really didn’t enjoy their time in Fenway.

The Dodgers were forced to contend with frigid temperatures, something this Boston team has done all year. Whereas the Red Sox have played numerous games at home in very cold temperatures, the coldest game LA had played in before Game 1 was a 58 degree game in San Francisco. There are so many advantages to being at home, but the Red Sox were surely much more comfortable playing in the cold.
AP Photo/Elise Amendola

The Dodgers struggled to stay warm and employed heaters in the bullpens, but also complained about other aspects of the conditions. Dodgers coach Rick Honeycutt was annoyed at how close to the fans the visiting bullpen is in Fenway. Positioned in right field, the bullpen location gives fans the opportunity to see relievers close up and watch them as they warm up. Honeycutt was dismayed and believed the fans were too close for comfort.

It’s an odd claim for an opposing coach to make, especially since many other bullpens also have pitchers warming up in close proximity to fans. Part of the advantage of being at home is having your fans there to give you support, and heckle the other team a little bit. It happens everywhere, not just in Boston. While entering ALDS Game 4, Craig Kimbrel even had a beer can thrown at him in New York! Yet apparently Honeycutt thought the proximity was unfair to his pitchers…

The Dodgers get some relief in heading back to a warm 80 degree forecast, but the more temperate weather probably won’t have much of an advantage for them in this one. They will surely be happy to be out of the cold, but with a dominant Red Sox team out for blood, they likely won’t have the chance to get comfortable in this one either.
Jim Davis/Boston Globe