Pearce Lives Out the Dream

Millions of young boys (and many daydreaming adults) spend hours fantasizing and dreaming about having a chance to put their team on top in a pivotal playoff game. They envision themselves in the uniform of their favourite team, stepping up to the plate, and depositing one in the stands as the crowd goes wild!

Steve Pearce lived that reality Tuesday night as he sent a Joe Smith fastball high over the left field wall to put the Sox up 3-2 in a pivotal game 3 of the ALCS. Pearce had narrowly missed a big hit earlier in the game, only to be robbed on a spectacular catch by Tony Kemp at the wall. He made sure that the 6th inning bomb was well beyond the reach of Kemp the next time up. The crowd in Houston may have not been all that thrilled to watch the Sox regain the lead on a massive Pearce homer, but his teammates and Red Sox fans around the nation surely were.

Erik Williams/USA Today

The hit was that much more special due to the upbringing of Pearce and his affection for the Sox as a child. Pearce grew up in Florida, but was a die-hard Red Sox fan thanks to his father. His father Steve Sr. grew up in Rehoboth, MA and instilled his love for the game and the Sox into his son. Pearce has been somewhat of a journeyman in his major league career, as the Sox are the 6th MLB team that he has played for. It is fitting however, that his first major league postseason homer would be for his childhood team in a moment of such great importance.

Steve Pearce may not be the most important player on this packed Red Sox roster, but yesterday he lived out a childhood dream of hitting an important postseason homerun. One of the many beautiful things about baseball is that at the end of the day, the game is played by men who are just living their wildest childhood backyard dreams. Hopefully Pearce gets to experience a couple more of those young dreams in real life, and maybe even hoist the Commissioners trophy by the end of October.