5000 seat addition in plans for Fenway Park upgrades

(Photo: Fenway Sports Group)
Eric D. Schabell
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Are you ready Red Sox Nation?

One of the biggest changes, beyond the protective netting changes, is coming in the form of a modern theater.

A letter was sent Tuesday to the Boston Planning and Development Agency, reported the masslive.com.

The letter outlines a development that would place a 5000 seat theater at 12-28 Lansdowne Street. That space currently listing at 67,400 sq ft is occupied by parking garages and a building that houses function spaces, dining and other park services.

The image above is a rendering of the changes located behind the bleachers, which add needed modern touch to an otherwise fairly useless parcel of ground.

Views of downtown from bleachers might
be a thing of the past.
In the letter submitted by Red Sox executive vice president of business affairs, it states that Fenway Theater would host a “wide variety of entertainment and civic events on a year-round basis.” Gilula also highlights the vibrant nightlife in the “Lansdowne entertainment district," and The House of Blues Boston that sits directly across the street from the proposed project.

The letter continues on to planning for a function space behind the bleachers would cater to group and private events and offer “sweeping views of Fenway Park," before touching on updates for fans sitting in the bleachers.

Up to now there have been little in the way of concessions, restrooms or other comforts for those of us that end up high in the bleacher seating. It's a long walk down to the lines in the halls under the bleachers. While this is part of the charm of a ballpark from the previous century, there seems to be room for improvements according to Gilula. He mentions that the new area “will feature concession stands, restrooms and other elements designed to enhance the fan experience in the bleachers.”

One can only hope that the views from the top of the bleachers of downtown Boston and the moon over the Prudential building will not be just memories.

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