Red Sox make Andy Barkett their first October goodbye

(Photo: Adam Pintar / MiLB)

In one of the first of a probable series of offseason moves for the Red Sox, the organization parted ways with assistant hitting coach Andy Barkett. While the average fan might not fully understand the caliber and impact of such a role, Barkett will be missed in Boston and should be remembered as a cornerstone of the backstage 2018 championship Sox.

Behind hitting coach Tim Hyers, who the Sox are expected to retain, Barkett brought a unique perspective to each member of the Boston offense that was one of the best in all of baseball over the last two years. While his role may not receive the spotlight of some of baseball’s biggest behind-the-scenes names, Barkett was a superstar at his position. He was instrumental in the development of Mookie Betts in an MVP season, a mentor to Rafael Devers in his breakout, and a heroic co-architect of one of the deepest and most impressive runs by an offensive club in postseason history in 2018. Barkett combined the old school values of baseball with the analytics of the present to help construct an elite offensive club. Not to mention, a man of the people, he put on an absolute clinic in a Q&A session at SaberSeminar on a gameday.

The team recognizes Barkett’s elite attributes as a communicator and it is natural to believe that he will serve well as a bench coach or manager for essentially any team that values development of their young talent.

Barkett's background, ring, and indispensable personality should earn him a job with another major league team in a hurry. After seeing success as a hitting coordinator, coach, and manager at the minor and major league levels and with several teams looking for a rebuild at the managing position, is being a skipper at the big league level?

Good luck wherever you end up, good luck, Andy; we love you.
(Photo: AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Meanwhile in Red Sox Nation, moving on from Barkett is not the last in a personnel revamp for the transformational Sox. Looking for an early Halloween costume? Maybe you can dress up as the Red Sox offseason — nothing scarier than being on a Slip 'N Slide for 6 months.

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