Introducing your Worcester WooSox

Jim Monaghan
Content Coordinator

It's not exactly on the same level as breaking news regarding Mookie Betts, but the fans have spoken.

And the name they've chosen for the new AAA affiliate of the Red Sox to be located in Worcester is...

wait for it...

The WooSox.

The name and logo were presented Monday night in advance of the team's debut in its new location in April 2021.

More than 200 names were submitted for consideration including "Red Booties," "Perfect Curvers," "Monkey Wrenches," and "Massholes" (gee...can't imagine why that one didn't jump to the top).

Speaking at the unveiling last night, Larry Lucchino, Red Sox Hall of Famer and club chairman and principal owner said, “We love that the fans actually named the team. We asked everyone from kids in kindergarten to octogenarians at senior centers to give suggestions and reactions, and while many suggestions and debates were clever, in the end, we discovered what Worcester already knew: Nobody beats the WooSox.”

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