Another Red Sox star fades away, it's goodbye Brock Star

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Eric D. Schabell
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After seven long years of nothing but smiles, fun, and postseasons with the Red Sox, he's on his way out of our lives.

Ken Rosenthal reported Monday that Brock Holt had a deal with the Brewers, sending him to Milwaukee.

Holt came to the Red Sox in 2012 as the second player in a trade for closer Joel Hanrahan from the Pirates. Though many have quickly forgotten Hanrahan, Holt became both a fan favorite and a fixture for the Boston based Jimmy Fund Clinic as the team captain for the last five years. This goodbye speaks volumes as to his value not only on the field, but inspiring many off the field with smiles and a few minutes of his time.

Holt became the ultimate utility man over his seven seasons, playing every position except pitcher and catcher. At 31 years old, he finished last season earning $3.75 million, was an all-star in 2015, and hit .297 with a .771 OPS.

He'll be forever remembered for hitting for the first postseason cycle in 2018 AL Division Series at Yankee Stadium while making his son Griffin a celebrity celebrating with him on social media.

Do you remember the Flow Bros? A catch phrase from when both Andrew Benintendi and Holt, best friends both on and off the field, sported long hair during the 2018 World Series run. It was right in line with the fun, happy go lucky type of style that Holt brought to the Red Sox clubhouse.

One thing is for certain, the fans have not taken the moves made by the Red Sox front office very well. From moving Mookie Betts and David Price on down the line to finally letting Holt slip away has resulted in some pretty clear language by Red Sox Nation.

It will be hard to watch Holt in a Brewers uniform but that's the way this game goes, it's better to let them walk when you can sign Jose Peraza for $3 million instead.

It's a game of numbers and value, but for Red Sox Nation it's another sad chapter in this off season of shedding talent.

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