Andrew Benintendi and Ryan Brasier have worn out their Welcome

Bryan Mauro- Contributing Writer

Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

When the Major League Baseball season opened a week ago the Red Sox were one of the teams many had varying expectations on. They were not a team who was going to win the division, or likely get a wildcard. However, with the change to the MLB playoff structure where 16 teams from each league make the playoffs. If the first week will tell you anything its that the Red Sox have a long way to go towards being a playoff team and with only a 60-game schedule there is not a lot of time for them to find themselves.

While the whole team has left a lot to be desired, lets focus on two players who have over stayed their welcome in Boston. The first one was a first-round draft pick and the Red Sox have invested a lot of time and money into the player. Andrew Benintendi is the player being referenced. The patience with Benintendi has worn thin with many fans of the Red Sox. To be quite honest those fans outside of the organization have a hard time figuring out why the Benintendi experience continues to happen.

2018 was a great year for every player on the team, and 2018 will never be taken away and honestly without a great play in the outfield the Red Sox may very well not have won the World Series that year. Outside of that entire season Benintendi has never lived up to his draft slot. He is an average fielder by MLB standards and his struggles at the plate have been magnified by the loss of Mookie and no protection.

The outfield is crowded, and no one wants to see Benintendi succeed more than the Red Sox organization, but when is it going to be enough?  Especially considering that the other outfielders on the team in Pillar and Verdugo are both top fielders and great hitters who have higher ceilings that Benintendi does on his best season. The entire goal of the team is to have the best 9 guys out on the field and this year Benintendi is not one of them especially considering he is playing at the expense of better players in Verdugo and Pillar.

Last night Benintendi had a better night at the plate so hopefully that will get him going, as everyone has seen when he is on top of his game he is one of the better players on the team, but his lows are becoming more common and often time longer than his highs, at this point given the depth in the outfield many are running out of excuses for him continuing to get the bulk of the playing time. I like so many, want to see the Red Sox put the best lineup out on the field and if a player is not performing, he should be benched.

Photo Credit: Bob Levey/ Getty Images

The other player in question is hard to justify even wasting a roster spot on anymore. That player is relief pitcher Ryan Brasier. Brasier has looked lost on the mound this season and it started last year. He was given the closer role as many expected because of the way he pitched in October in 2018, but he soon lost the role and could never seem to find his footing out of the bullpen last year.

This season has been more of the same and honestly, he looks worse. During the Spring Training restart aptly named Summer Camp, Brasier struggled and when he came into the game on Tuesday night, he took a close game and made the gap insurmountable. He looks lost and at this point it may be time for the Red Sox to cut their losses. The Red Sox bullpen as a whole isn’t great, but Matt Barnes, Heath Hembree and Brandon Workman are the three who need to be relied on in the late innings. No longer can you trust Brasier.