Red Sox get new Marathon Inspired Jerseys

Bryan Mauro (@threecolorbeard)-Contributing Writer
Photo Credit: Billy Weiss 
Patriots Day is approaching and this season the Red Sox are going to look a lot different this year. Their roster is different than it was the last time the Patriots Day game happened in 2019. This year the Red Sox are also going to look different on the field as well. Nike is now the uniform supplier of the MLB and given what we know about Nike they love to provide alternate uniforms for the most popular teams. Nike is the uniform supplier of every major sport in the United States. Major League Baseball being the last of the major sports leagues and joins the NFL, NBA, WNBA and over half of the NCAA.

Nike has provided something they call the City Edition uniforms for the NBA and WNBA and those uniforms are a break from the original uniforms and usually have something to do with the city directly. Sometimes the color scheme is the same but often it is a completely different color scheme. That is the case with the uniforms that were recently released for the Red Sox Patriots Day game. Nike is using these as the City Edition uniforms and the Red Sox are the first team to have their uniforms revealed by Nike. The MLB City Edition for 2021 is going to feature six other teams. Those other teams are the Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

I am probably in the minority here but I love alternate uniforms they are some of my favorite things in all of sports and while they are not for everyone the players also seem to really like playing in something new and different. By now, everyone has seen the uniforms that Boston plans to wear on April 17th and 18th against the White Sox. The jerseys are yellow with a Sky-Blue stencil Boston across the front. The hats still have the traditional B on the front, but they are the same Sky Blue as on the jerseys. The jerseys are meant to pay homage to the Boston Marathon and where it ends. The Uniforms also will have a patch on the right arm that represents a marathon bib with the Boston area code. The uniforms are a great change of pace and it is good to see Nike doing this for the sport. 

The sport was in desperate need some excitement to try and get the younger crowd involved in the game and what better way to do that than new exciting uniforms. MLB is also obviously going to use this as a money grab as there is now new merchandise to sell, which again appeals to the younger crowd. The sport needs the younger crowd to buy into the sport in order to keep it moving and to keep selling tickets. That is why the changes to speed up the game and make it more exciting, for example the runner starting at second base in extra innings, all of these are strategically done to attract a different type of viewer that may not have otherwise tuned in. 

I will probably in the camp all by myself that loves these uniforms. I think they are great and even though they don’t have any of the traditional colors that we all love about the Red Sox they do have a good color scheme and they look really nice. I can say that once these are for sale I will be purchasing one and hope that Nike continues to make the right choice when it comes to uniforms. The ones supporting the Boston Marathon are the right choice and the yellow for the finish line makes them that much better.