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The Sox Are in Dire Need Of Improvement

The Boston Red Sox will be eagerly anticipating a return to form after a disappointing 2022 season. Despite some solid management from Alex Cora the team finished in last place in the American League East division. They ended on a 78–84 record.

Recently Brendan Campbell, Mike Carlucci and Avery Hamel have stood out as players to watch out for. Meanwhile the contract status of Michael Wacha, Xander Bogaerts and Nathan Eovaldi is uncertain. Their roles as Red Sox teammates are due to expire in the off-season.

2023 will mark the 123rd MLB season for the Red Sox. Cora is likely to return as manager. During early games last year his style tended to favor the bullpen over offense. This made them difficult to figure out.

MLB viewers will have to wait until late March to see the Sox back on the field during the regular season. They are set to compete until October. This will give fans plenty of opportunities to watch broadcasts of their favorite team in action. If they are struggling to find a channel or stream for MLB games they can use