Lost in all of the hoopla over the pitching staff and their woes is the fact that the Red Sox catchers have combined to hit a paltry 2-20 in the early going. They haven't even been able to do the little things right, as Kelly Shoppach was unable to lay down a bunt yesterday - killing a potential Red Sox rally.

Salty and Shoppach have never been known for their offense, but I'll tell you someone who is - Ryan Lavarnway. He may only be 4-20 right now in Pawtcuket, but that's still two more hits than these two have combined.

And it's not as if they are the second coming of Jason Varitek behind the plate. Shoppach allowed a passed ball yesterday and Salty is always one throw away from hitting Jacoby Ellsbury. As for how the pitching staff works with the battery mates - I think that has been pretty clear (except for Jon Lester). Josh Beckett is such a headcase that no matter who is back there - if they aren't Varitek - he has the potential to be awful.

Ryan Lavarnway isn't that far off defensively. Bobby Valentine was raving in spring training about the improvements that Lavarnway was making. The offense would be the big kicker though. Lavarnway has the skills to be a legitimate power threat at the catcher's position. The way the Red Sox are playing, they need every run they can get.

Pete Mastors 4/12/2012 10:51:00 AM Edit
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