Interleague play sucks! How can anyone support this?

Seriously, though, if the Red Sox got to play, say, the Padres once in a while, that would be a bit more fair.

One argument against interleague play is that the Red Sox can't put their full team on the field. That makes some sense, but how much does losing the DH really cost you when you smack three homers anyway and you play in an era that we might call the Live Ball Era in the future? Unless we use its real name.

Anyway, Joe Blanton starts today. He's arguably Philly's weakest starter, though none of Philly's pitchers look like themselves so far. Jon Lester starts for the Sox.

Our news box has several medical items, almost none of them good.

Finally, it's nice to see Bobby V. mix it up a little, but he'll never catch Bobby Cox for the ejection record. And that is a good thing.

Jim Corrigan 5/19/2012 11:05:00 AM Edit
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