Ethier eyeing move to the Sox
While he hasn't spoken publicly about his concerns since the season started, people close to the situation say they are aware that Ethier has imagined his next stop could be the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees also are believed to like Ethier very much, but people close to Ethier say they believe he has Boston in his mind.
"He's got his best buddy Dustin Pedroia telling him how great Boston is,'' one of those people said. "In Andre's mind, [the Dodgers situation] is embarrassing. And Boston has a different [vibe] right now.''

While the Dodgers talked to Ethier's people in the spring to try to persuade them about a long-term future with the Dodgers, Pedroia's flattering portrayal of the Red Sox and the city of Boston's reaction to the team has had a real impact on Ethier, according to people who know him. Red Sox right fielder J.D. Drew is almost surely in his last season in Boston, which could create a spot for Pedroia's friend. Ethier and Pedroia were teammates at Arizona State and are now regular winter workout partners in the Phoenix area.
One competing GM said about Ethier, "I could see him ending up in Boston. He'd be perfect in that park.''
I could live with him.

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