Oh Be One Jacoby

Well, he did it again. Not that it should surprise anyone, and yes, I mean anyone, but Mr. Ellsbury has lengthened his hitting streak vs the O's to 29 games on Wednesday. In those 29 games, he is hitting a eye crossing, mouth gaping, and absolutely stunning .445. Hitching a ride with that .445 avg are 20 RBI's and 30 RS. Another tasty morsel of trivia sure to make the O Birds molt early year is that no one has done that against them since they moved to Baltimore back in 1954. He batted .500 Wednesday, with solo homers in the 3rd and 7th innings. He has proven himself worthy of the lead-off spot time and time again. Actually, whenever he has been slotted anywhere in the lineup, he has proven worthy of that spot. Can he be stopped? Well, I hope the rest of the A.L. isn't counting on the O's pitching to shut him down, because it's probably not going to happen. He is putting on a hitting clinic that Gregg, and even Ortiz should attend. I mean come on. I love Papi just as much as every Sox fan but really? They both got suspended and neither one of them connected. Anyway, back to the Jedi Master.

I had the honor of seeing him and his Oregon State teammates play for, and win, the CWS Championship as I live a mere 20-30 minutes from the "Greatest Show On Dirt." Not once did you ever see him slow down when he was between the white chalk lines. He continued to move at 1,000mph the whole game. Seems to me, that that value hasn't changed one iota. In fact, it seems that value has rubbed off a bit this year. The Sox have continuously found their second wind this year. It doesn't matter if it's 9 innings or 16. The stamina the Bo Sox have found this year carries over from game to game. When one player needs a day off or finds themselves on the DL, the TEAM is there to pick up the slack. They're not going to win them all, I know that, but they will make their opponent work their tails off to beat them. Ellsbury will come out of nowhere in center to catch a fly ball running not one bit slower in the bottom of the 9th than he did at the bottom of the 1st. Next, just try and throw him out at second on a steal. Very rarely does he get a bad jump. I'm not saying he isn't human and that he is indestructible. It's just no one has found a chink in his armor yet and I don't see him lowering his light saber conceding to a death blow anytime soon.

So I say to Jacoby, keep it up and help the vets like Tek, Wake and Papi lead this team to a another great season. Your desire for improvement isn't lost on anyone one day and I can only hope that with each passing game, your shadow grows more and more. Be one of thoes guys everyone in the MLB strives to be like. Be one of thoes guys that every child from T-Ball to Legion studies everyday.

Dare I say that we are seeing the new and improved version of "Charlie Hustle?" I just did and you can bet on it. "Nuff said!"