Slumping Sox - NL Games To Blame?

Not to just agree with the popular opinion, but don't buy the "Interleague game rules" excuse that has been produced by, and fed to the media all week. We can't make the argument that the Red Sox have the best team in the league yet, but what we do know is we arguably have the best offensive team in the league statistically. On Thursday, the Sox stole a game from the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park after Cole Hamels was taken out of the game from a line shot up the middle by team batting leader Adrian Gonzalez. The hit bounced off Hamels throwing hand. The bottom of the red sox order then got it done Thursday afternoon as they scored 5 runs off the Phillies bullpen to win the game, avoiding their first sweep by the Phillies in 11 years. While the Red Sox bats struggle, it leaves us wondering, are interleague game rules really to blame, or have the red sox bats just cooled down due to a long road trip? Let's break down some home vs. away numbers from this season:

What can we conclude about the red sox from these few simple stats? Mainly that they are a better pitching road team, and not quite as lively offensively on the road as they are at home. Whether or not the sox have to use more of their utility players, move A-Gon to right field, or release Mike Cameron (oh wait, that already happened), they need to break this slump against the Astros and part ways with it quickly because we know it can sometimes get ugly fast with this team, (don't forget about April.) With the Red Sox losing 7 of their last 11 at the hands of teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Diego Padres, it leaves many asking why and how can they drop all of those series. What you don't hear much about is that all three of those teams are top 10 in the league in pitching, believe it or not, and with the Phillies at number 1. Not that that justifies the losses, but it is good to know that the sox just ran into great pitching and defense. The Sox are just hitting a cold front and once they're back in beantown raking doubles off the monster, things will start running smoother.