Time To Line Up @ the Tobin? Sox Lose 1-0 To Blue Jays In 11

So how's your Labor Day going?

Josh Beckett leaves in the 4th with a sprained ankle, the offense can't score anyone, Brett Lawrie hits his 8th home run of the season off Dan Wheeler in the bottom of the 11th inning, the Orioles score 10 runs and STILL can't beat the Yankees....

That about sum it up?

It's WAY too early for anyone to panic (despite the headline here) but the reality of the situation is that the Red Sox have clearly hit a late-season bump in the road. Two starting pitchers are now down - Bedard (sore knee and will miss a start) and now Beckett (extent of his ankle injury an unknown right now) - you have NO idea what you're going to get when Tim Wakefield or John Lackey take the mound, and Jon Lester spent his last start throwing breaking balls early in the game instead of trying to establish his fastball (a sign something's wrong?).

And the offense? They've been shutout twice in their last four games.

The Sox have now lost four of their last five and seem intent on allowing Tampa Bay back into the Wild Card race.