Zach Stewart Flirts with Perfection

Zach Stewart just took a perfect game into the eighth inning, but it was not to be.

As a momentary distraction from the suddenly worrisome Red Sox, a brief observation: Litttle by little, the time-honored superstition against saying "he has a no-hitter going" has withered. It's not at the level of throwing salt over your shoulder (Does anyone do that any more?), but some announcers seem to be going the opposite tack, mentioning hitlessness as early as the second or third inning.

Why? I think social media is why. Announcers are aware that Twitter and Facebook are lit up with the news, so it's silly for them not to say it.

In any case, it's good to move away from superstitions, especially dumb ones like this.

Good try, Zach! Maybe next time. Or maybe not.