Wakefield's Groundhog Day

If Tim Wakefield is stuck in Groundhog Day, consider the Red Sox bullpen to be his own personal Ned Ryerson. When Wake left the game, did anyone else get the feeling that it was the smallest three-run lead of all-time? Granted, Dan Bard was a very unlikely candidate to blow number 200 this time around, but a bullpen implosion seems to be a foregone conclusion when Wakefield starts.

Also, where was Jonathan Papelbon last night? With Bard trying to work out of a no-out, bases-loaded jam, shouldn't you at least have your closer up in the pen? Papelbon hasn't been asked to to get four outs since May 9th, and only twice all season.

What should have been a celebration long ago has now turned into a considerable annoyance. One more game like this and Ned Ryerson's getting punched in the face.