And Just Like That, the Rays Are Out

Sorry for the delayed post, but we would be remiss if we did not cast a weary, ironic glance at our frenemies in Tampa. They had a remarkable run.

AP notes:

The Rays wound up winning 91 games, going 16-8 after Sept. 3 to make up nine games on Boston in the wild card standings and finally [pass] the big-spending Red Sox on the final night of the regular season. No team has ever overcome a bigger deficit in September to make the playoffs, and no other AL team has earned a spot after starting 0-6.
As we know from long experience, a dramatic entrance just makes a quick exit more painful.

Is Joe Girardi a master psychologist? Did he lull the Rays into overconfidence against Texas? If so, be careful what you wish for, Joe. Go Tigers ...