A Hell of a Town

I don't think Theo Epstein will go to Chicago.

It must be tempting, to have a chance to help break two of the longest droughts in sports (I'd like it noted that I didn't cay curses), but the things that made Theo a cutting-edge GM in 2003 are just far too common now. We are all, to some extent, Moneyballers.

My gut says the process is too public. It feels a bit like everyone is going through the motions. It's logical for the Cubs to talk to Theo, it's logical for him to talk to them, and it's logical for the Red Sox to sign off on the courtship. But more serious negotiations, I presume, would be more private. So either the deal is already done (unlikely), or they'll chat, and maybe lightning strikes. But Theo of 2011 is a man who's had great success but also made some expensive mistakes. If I'm running the Cubs, I'm looking for a guy who has worked miracles with far less money.

It could happen, and it won't be a surprise if it does. But right now I think he stays here.