John Henry Speaks!

Allegedly fed up with the local media smear campaign, John Henry just made a surprise visit to the Felger and Massarotti show on 98.5 and went unscripted for 70 minutes of commercial free radio gold. Henry was surprisingly candid and up for the challenge, trading barbs with the hosts: "Do you realize how absurd your argument is right now??"

Some of the highlights:
  • Henry did not support the signing of Carl Crawford.
  • He vehemently denied leaking the information about Tito Francona and refused to apologize for "misinformation."
  • He "absolutely" cares as much about the Red Sox as he did 10 years ago.
  • Henry was unable to comment on allowing the Cubs permission to speak to Theo Epstein, but Theo is definitely gone.
  • Ownership does not control any of the day-to-day operations for the Red Sox, leaving these duties to Larry Lucchino and the front office.
  • Lucchino's contract expires this year, but he is expected back.
  • Henry sees no issue with his investment in Liverpool and business with Lebron James.
  • Were something to happen to him, Henry's wife, Linda, would not assume control of the Red Sox.

Phew. Henry can flop around on his yacht all he wants, and we don't have to worry about the team falling into the hands of Linda Pizzutti.

This interview will be picked apart for the next few days, and 98.5 will be re-airing the entire segment at 5:00 today.