Texas Up 3-2

Behind the big bat of Mike Napoli.

Wait, Mike Napoli? Yes. He hit 30 home runs this year, Baseball Reference tells me.

Pujols was hitless, for the second straight game -- after going 5-for-6 in the game 3. (In fairness to Pujols, he had only two chances. He was intentionally walked three times.)

I love this stat:
The Rangers are the fifth team to walk at least nine batters in a World Series game and still win.
But if I'm a Cardinals fan, I don't love this stat:
This is now the 40th time in World Series history that a Game 5 was played with the Series tied at two wins apiece. The team that won Game 5 prevailed in 26 of the previous 39 World Series that were tied at 2 after four games.
In theory, my Texas in six prediction could still be right, but at this point I think we're going seven.