Evaluating the starters: First Base Mike Napoli

When the original signing of Mike Napoli was announced all or Red Sox Nation rejoiced. After delays in signing Napoli to what we now know as a hip injury, I for one am skeptical of the production that the team will get out of what was once thought to be an everyday starter for the next three years. While it may take some time for the team to get another first baseman of the same caliber of Adrian Gonzalez, Napoli is much better suited for the team then James Loney was last year.
Last season with the Texas Rangers Napoli had an average of .227 in 352 at bats. He hit 24 home runs and had 56 RBI's. While on defense Napoli played in 28 games at first base while starting 24 of them. He only had 3 errors and compiled a fielding percentage of .984. When looking at Napoli's stats there is one stat that frightens me, number of games played last year, only 108. In 2010 Napoli played in 140 games, the highest of his career. Hopefully this year in Boston Napoli plays in more than 108 games, this should be easy to accomplish as he will be spending more time at first base and less time as a catcher.
If Napoli is able to put up similar numbers to last year it should make fans happy. If Napoli is hurt early on it could drive fans crazy and create trouble for the coaching staff. In Napoli's first year in Boston I expect an average season, not a great one and he wont quickly become a fan favorite. Average numbers do not cut it in this city or with this team, if these occur Napoli could only be spending a year with the sox.