Four real? Four reasons why signing Pedro and Jason Varitek is a smart move for the 2013 Red Sox.

Life is good in Boston. Pedro Martinez and Jason Varitek have re-signed and everyone is hopeful for 2007. Wait, I've heard that line before. Well, although its 2013, Pedro and Varitek are both being signed by Boston, but this time it is as Special Assistants to the General Manager. While we fans are excited to see two legends come back and help their old team, what will this mean for the players?

1) New Dirt-Dog Blood in the Front Office
Jason Varitek is known and respected throughout the league as player with great insight into the game. While his resume may not have any managerial experience on it, Varitek is hopeful he can learn as much as he can while in his new role.
I’m going to be involved in a lot of different areas to learn a lot of different things. Everything from meetings to player development and things along those lines,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any one thing. I’m trying to learn what I don’t know and what I can help with and what I need to learn where maybe I fit better to help with. It’s a huge gray area where I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

Pedro Martinez may be a little off his (John) Rocker, but he is known for having tight relationships with his teammates and he can possess a loose nature off the field, and both may be just what the doctor ordered.In a recent interview, Pedro said
The situation is right. They need people like me that can probably relate to the players, relate to the [front] office and have the good communication and interest.

2) Familiarity
Both new coaches are very familiar with the AL East and many of its current players. Terry Francona, former Red Sox manager who also managed Martinez, said
He’s got the intelligence. He knows as much about pitching as anybody.

If the pitching staff wants to board The Martinez Express, and the 15 catchers that the Red Sox signed learn how to call the game the Captains Way, then the battery won't need a jump start this Summer.

3) An improved pitching staff
Since September 1, 2011, the Boston Red Sox starting pitching staff has a collective ERA of 4.89, which would rank them in the bottom 10% of all staffs in the last 3 years. Adding two men who know how to win in the AL East will only help the staff improve their status as a team in turmoil. Even all 6' 7" of Andrew Miller seems happy Pedro is on board:
He’s got the intelligence. He knows as much about pitching as anybody.

4) More actual players giving advice to the front office.
Terry Francona's recently published book noted how the front office cared more about marketing than winning. Adding two former players may help influence the ownership in future deals with players, as both are expected to have input on roster decisions as well. These moves to add Jason Varitek and Pedro Martinez to the coaching staff look like great moves for the Red Sox, and both young and old players will benefit from their sage advice.

What do you think, New England?

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