Watch Rays third baseman Evan Longoria save a reporter's life

DISCLAIMER: I'm fully aware that this site is solely dedicated to the Red Sox, Red Sox Nation and people smart enough to read and comprehend the literary nuggets of gold written by the Red Sox Life staff. With that said, enjoy. 

I feel like I’ve got a pretty good bull-crap meter especially when it involves a video. There have been times when I’ve watch something on the internet or television and say, “That’s pretty legit.” Of course that’s just how I roll, I’m super cool that way (says the dork writing behind a computer screen).

Then there are times when I watch a video and say, “That’s total B.S. There’s no way that happened.” I’ve even been known to call B.S. before a video has time to finish (I derive a lot of my skill from the card game). 

I recently stumbled across a video that featured an interview with Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. The reporter and Longoria are standing in foul territory down the first-base line as the team conducts batting practice. The rest, well, the rest is unbelievable both literally and figuratively.    

Is it real or is it fake? I've got my opinion but I'm more interested in what you think. Let me know by leaving a comment below or by tweeting me at @levyskew.