2013 Truck Day: A new beginning

You seriously think we, here at Red Sox Life, would forget about “Truck Day” did you? Truck Day is the day we forget about the Patriots losing in the AFC championship game and look forward to the new beginning known as spring training. This is the 15th consecutive year the Red Sox organization has asked fellow Mass native Al Hartz to drive the 1,490 mile journey to Ft. Myer, Florida. 

Both Red Sox president Larry Lucchino and third baseman Will Middlebrooks were on hand as a few hundred of the Red Sox faithful joined together to watch as the truck laoded and rode off to Ft. Myers. The Sox president had this to say about Red Sox Nation's commitment to Truck Day. 

"I am amazed on a Tuesday afternoon when it's cold and overcast that people are out here with big smiles on their faces. There's one woman who brings cookies every year, passes 'em out to the fans. It's just a nice positive thing, and it's a testimony to the passion, deep unabiding passion the Red Sox fans have."

So what is Hartz pulling with his 18-wheeler?

Red Sox.com reports that among the gear loaded on the big rig were 20,400 baseballs, 1,100 bats, 200 batting gloves and helmets, 160 white game jerseys and 400 pairs of socks. And, of course, 20 cases of bubble gum and 60 cases of sunflower seeds. I’m assuming the bubble gum they speak of is none other than “Big League” chew – if it’s not “Big League” than consider my world shattered. 

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