4 real? The 4 best Superbowl Commercials from SB47

With the baseball season now in the "calm before the storm" phase, I figured I would get in a quick story about the biggest sports day of the year in the USA. Enjoy!
Every year around Super Bowl time, my family used to gather at my grandfather’s house for the big game. We would get there hours before kickoff to sit with my grandpa, and he would calmly sit in his recliner watching the many ways a game can be dissected before it actually starts. My grandfather was a man of few words. But he knew and loved his sports. It is because of him that I have such a strong passion for the Red Sox. Though he never said much, my grandpa and I watched many games together as I grew up. We never just watched the game though. He would mute the TV and blast the radio.
“Grandpa, why are we listening to the radio and watching the TV?” I would ask.
“Hmaw,” he would mumble. “The announcers.Horrible. Much more information on the radio. Joe Castiglione.” My grandpa was always good at making sentences out of fragments. And he would much rather just throw a thumbs up or down than talk.

“Grandpa, do you think the Giants will win today?” Thumbs up.
“Is Lawrence Taylor going to be the MVP?” Thumbs down.
Watching the Super Bowl at my grandpa’s house was tradition, and one that I will always cherish. However, when the game was actually on, we all had to be quiet. If anyone of us was talking, my grandpa would look at us, and motion with his hand to get out, as an umpire punches out a winning run at home. The quiet watching of the Super Bowl was perplexing to me, but grandpa was in charge, and we did what we wanted because it was his house, and no one watching wanted to get booted.

Sadly, the times we shared would end too early, as my grandfather succumbed to cancer. While we all will have great memories of the lives he changed, and the time we had with him, I will never forget our Super Bowl moments. And while we all miss the Super Bowl at my grandfathers, years have now passed and my brothers and I have all gotten older and made our own Super Bowl traditions. One started when my wife and I bought our new place. We now invite the family over to watch the big game. Unfortunately, things are different. Instead of watching the pre-game, we all have our own things to do at our respective houses, so no one meets until 10 minutes before kickoff. We all yell at the tv when the game is on, talk over each other during the replays, and complain about the food someone brought. We have fun, enjoy the times together, and then leave.

My favorite new tradition though, started with my father. He is truly a chip off the old block and is very similar to my grandfather, his father, in many ways. He is different though, in that he doesn't know sports. He may pretend to know the game, he may talk it up, comment about Ray Lewis, and root for a team that is playing, yelling “GO! GO! GO!” when a receiver makes a big catch, but he doesn't know the game, love the game, like we all do. So his claim to fame is his knowledge of the commercials. He allows talking during the game, and even encourages it, but when the commercials come on, while it may be a quick time for my brothers and I to talk about the big play that just occurred, my dad needs silence. He craves it. Because when the commercials start, his Super Bowl begins.

Here are my father’s four favorite commercials in order. You may ask why, when this is my blog, that I am using his opinions. Because if you knew my dad, you would know how important these commercials were to him. If they had a show on ESPN8 (The Ocho), my dad would be chief analyst. He would break down each commercial like Shannon Sharpe. “What ‘cho think about dat, Boom?” Except when my dad says it, he would look into the camera and say “This goat, he came into the room and then (5 seconds of laughter),he screamed, and (3 more seconds of laughter)he wanted the Doritos. Stupid goat!"

So, in honor of my dad, my grandpa, redsoxlife.com (who must be wondering why I am writing a blog about football) and my family, here are the top 4 commercials of Super Bowl 47, according to my dad.

4) Cheetah being chased by the human in Sketchers
Anytime you get a man running in super Sonic the Hedgehog speed to catch and ring up a cheetah, you can get a laugh. When he shares a wink with the prey whose life was just spared, you get comic gold, according to my dad.

3) Audi- Boy going to the prom.
"The boy did what he wanted to do, give her a kiss."- Dad

2) Leon Sandcastle
My dad thought this was funny because the guy was "washed up." When I asked who the main character was supposed to be, my dad looked at me, very puzzled and said, "Who? He's an announcer guy." I had to explain to my father that it was Deion Sanders, hence the close name, Leon Sand......Castle. My dad just laughed and repeated "Sandcastle!"
Listen to the rest of his breakdown here: Leon Sandcastle

1) The Goat for Sale - Doritos
Well, let my dad explain this to you himself. Click here to hear his rendition.

According to my dad, its the little subtle things that make it funny. If there are subliminal things in the commercials to make you laugh, even better.

Of course, my brothers and I can't wait for SB48. We really hope the Pats can win one more with Brady. My dad, however, is already counting down the days until the next commercial makes him laugh.

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