Allen Webster States His Case

If there is anybody in camp who does not deserve to be handed his job back it's Felix Doubront. In 2012 Doubront may have met the modest expectations of a number five starter, but he is hardly irreplaceable. For him to then show up to camp out of shape for the second time in three years is inexcusable. If the club wants to make a statement and change the culture Doubront is just the guy to do it with. He is replaceable, but was enough of a contributor in 2012 for the rest of the club to take notice if he loses his job.

While shoulder fatigue has set Doubront back a bit, Allen Webster stepped into the breach yesterday and was quite impressive. He gave up a run in his two innings of work, but struck out four while his fastball touched 98 and 99 MPH. Handing Webster a rotation spot on the heels of one spring game is premature to say the least, but if he keeps throwing the ball as he has the club should strongly consider it.

Gone are the days where the Red Sox can expect to win 95 games and a playoff spot by rolling out of bed. If the team is as intent on competing in 2013 as they claim to be they need to bring the best 25 players they have north on Opening Day. If Webster is better than an out of shape Doubront on April 1 the club can't be concerned with Webster's service time or Doubront's lack of options. If Doubront can't sneak through waivers on March 31, see ya later.

The margin for error for the 2013 Red Sox is zero. The club has to assume that competition for a playoff spot will be intense and even one game could make all the difference. There can be no sacred cows or Duquette Era hoarding of players (I think Craig Grabek is still on the DL with his bruised foot) if competing in 2013 really is the priority. Whether it should be or not is debatable, but with a $175m payroll and a disaffected fan base it should be.