Pedro Martinez says De La Rosa "Something special"

Look, we at have said it from the beginning; The Boston Red Sox have some good talent coming up the (Mass) pike. In the last couple of days, minor leaguers have been making headlines as the Red Sox look to pick their 25 roster spots for 2013. Allen Webster stood out in his start versus the Blue Jays, striking out four major league batters in a row (Jose Bautista,Edwin Encarnacion, J.P. Arencibia and Brett Lawrie), while hitting 99 mph on the radar gun. Jackie Bradley Jr has looked solid on defense all week, and also reached base 5 times today versus the Blue Jays.

Rubby (Pronouced Rew-Bee) De La Rosa has also turned heads with his two perfect 1-2-3 innings on Sunday versus the Cardinals. While his stuff on the mound pleased Red Sox management and it's fans, De La Rosa made major headlines when Pedro Martinez said that Rubby is "something special." And when one of the best pitchers in the planet talks baseball, people tend to take notice.
Despite the fact that they are related ( cousins), De La Rosa and Martinez share more in common than their blood. De La Rosa's former minor league coach, Chuck Crim, told WEEI's Alex Speier that the boys share similar makeup and have the same mound presence.
Very few guys have that arm speed that Rubby has and still are able to start, carry innings and have a tremendous out-pitch. Granted, it’s going to take Rubby a few years to have all the experience and knowledge of major league pitching, but the stuff you could probably compare to Pedro. I consider the attitude the same — the mound presence is very confident that he can get anybody out.

Before we go all in on De La Rosa, however, consider that he is just coming off of Tommy John surgery and will be limited to only 100 innings this season. It is important to realize that he is still learned his craft, but with Pedro Martinez there to support his every move this Spring, you have to believe that Rubby will be learning quickly. Pedro believes that De La Rosa is starting to make that turn towards greatness.
He’s a young kid. Very young. You rarely see a young kid like that so willing to work, and so open to work to do things things nobody expects a young kid wanting to do.

Could we see De La Rosa this season in a Red Sox uniform? Like I have mentioned all Spring, the Red Sox will be looking for some talent on the farm, and will be excited to try out new players like Webster, Bradley and De La Rosa if they feel they have progressed well and a spot opens up for them. Take a look at the Red Sox pitching staff. Do you see any openings for new talent? I do.

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