Bobby Valentine needs a hug, seriously

Steve Buckley a Red Sox columnist for the Boston Herald got a chance to catch up with the former Red Sox manager and now outcast, Bobby Valentine, just before he officially accepted the Athletic Director position at Sacred Heart University. It could have been a cordial conversation regarding Bobby's future, but instead Valentine let his mouth get the best of him yet again as he tore into the Red Sox organization.

Before Buckley began the interview Valentine made it clear there would be no questions regarding the Red Sox or any former player's comments pertaining to his tenure in Boston. Although Valentine set stiff boundaries early that didn't stop him from throwing a couple of quick jabs at the expense of the Red Sox.

"I don't want to comment on stupid things that stupid people say. I'm not going to comment on any of that."

At this point I'm counting down the days until Bobby Valentine mouth, and call the crap coming out of it regarding the Red Sox organization, becomes irrelevant. It may sound hypocritical considering I'm writing this column on the former disgruntled manager right now, but Valentine's affinity for spewing verbal toxic waste on his former team is getting a little out of control.

If Valentine would "man up" and take some responsibility for his part in the 2012 Red Sox debacle then perhaps we'd (Red Sox Nation) let Bobby ride into the sunset free of continual criticism and fierce verbal rebuttals like this one. I'm just sayin' Bobby - cool you're jets and find someone to hug, not me though.

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