Bobby Valentine's back, again

For some reason Bobby Valentine just refuses to leave New England, for good. This time the former Red Sox manager has landed at Connecticut's Sacred Heart University. If you’re anything like me you've had a question (two parts) circle around your mind: What in the world would Bobby V. be doing on a university campus, and why can’t he just leave us alone?

According to the Connecticut Post Valentine will be taking over as athletic direct for Sacred Heart University. The announcement will come Tuesday as Valentine will replace current athletic director Don Cook who’s retiring on July 1.  

Sacred Heart is located in Fairfield, Conn., only a short distance from Valentine’s home in Stamford. When speaking to the Connecticut Post Valentine had this to say about his new employment opportunity - I can’t believe I’m saying this after what happen last year.
"An intriguing opportunity has been presented to me and it's something I really feel I can enjoy doing and I feel could be mutually beneficial,"

Here’s a “fun” fact for ya, Red Sox Nation: Valentine led the Red Sox to a 69-93 record last year - their worst record since the 60’s. Now think about that for a while, and then let me know when you're ready to grab your pitchfork and torch.

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