Pedroia Succumbs - Twitter Fever Grips Hub

As tweets go, it really wasn't groundbreaking. In fact, it was greeted with skepticism in a number of twitter circles. Red Sox 3rd baseman Will Middlebrooks (@middlebrooks) made the announcement by saying "Alright people. Pedroia has a twitter. @15Lasershow . Idk if the world is ready for this..... But I am."

Was this for real? Twitter's 140-character stream of consciousness seemed to be a perfect match for the trash-talking Dustin Pedroia, but Red Sox fans were used to fake accounts. Three seasons ago someone created fake accounts for both centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury and his girlfriend (going so far as to have ongoing conversations with each other), and just last season someone created a fake account for shortstop Mike Aviles that fooled both teammates and the front office.  And based upon his own twitter activity, it was obvious that Middlebrooks is a bit of a free spirit.

A few hours later, Red Sox beat writer Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe) tweeted that the Pedroia twitter account was a fake. And a bit later when Middlebrooks posted what he felt should be Pedey's avatar to replace the default twitter "egg" -

- well you can probably understand the confusion.

Ultimately, not only was it discovered that Pedey had begun tweeting but so had his wife. And while in the grand scheme of things it's really nothing more than another celebrity athlete and spouse getting with the program, in the context of the Red Sox there may actually be more to it.

 Following the September 2011 collapse and the nightmare 2012 season, when it seemed the life and fun had been sucked right out of the entire Red Sox organization, what this may actually signify is 1) the Red Sox are finally ready to move past the fried chicken and beer nonsense and 2) the emergence of Will Middlebrooks as a team leader is another breath of fresh air.

Let's just hope Pedroia looks beyond Middlebrooks for avatar suggestions.