Buchholz ready to make spring appearance

If the Red Sox have any chance contending for the AL East title this year we will need our #2 starter Clay Buchholz to have one of the best seasons he has ever had. Buchholz is scheduled to make his first start with the team this Saturday in a game against the Minnesota Twins. Buchholz has been held back from starting a game due to a nagging hamstring injury but has been able to pitch in two simulated games. In his latest simulated game, Tuesday he threw 40 pitches, approximately 2 innings. He threw 20 pitches to the left handed hitter Mike Carp and 20 pitches to the right handed hitter Mike Napoli. When asked about the simulated game Buchholz said "It was good. Felt more comfortable, I've felt comfortable since I started throwing out of the wind-up. I started to find a balance point there at the end to get a good feel for it. Last 10 pitches I stayed on line without jumping toward home plate". On Saturday we should see Buchholz throw in the proximity of 2 innings or 40 pitches, a standard outing for the first spring training start of the year. Hopefully we see a healthy Buchholz not only on Saturday but throughout the entirety of the Red Sox season.

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