Will Middlebrooks says wrist injury was "more of a scare"

NOTE: Original report on Middlebrooks injury from RedSoxLife early Wednesday evening.

The collective gasp you heard ring throughout Red Sox Nation tonight was slightly hushed as news of injured third baseman Will Middlebrooks came pouring in throughout the evening. After an awkward at bat which led to Middlebrooks walking off the field and cursing into the clubhouse, rumors began to swirl regarding the damage done to the 24-year old's right wrist. It's the same wrist Middlebrooks fractured a year ago which kept him out of action the majority of the season, and many feared that he may have re-aggravated the old injury.

As Wednesday night moved forward rumors based on fear become reports based on evidence, and all the reports regarding Middlebrooks' wrist were indicating a positive outlook, for now. It seems the Red Sox third baseman had a bit of a scare when he checked his swing during the first inning, or at least that's what he's telling us.

"I didn't think I broke it again. It was just kind of an awkward feeling. It just kind of worried us a little bit, worried me for sure. But I feel fine. said Middlebrooks. "It's not as serious as we thought it was. It was just more of a scare because of the area where it was, right where I broke it last year. I just took a swing and obviously it looked pretty awkward and felt just as awkward as it looks."

After watching their star third baseman agonize in pain at home plate the Red Sox decided to take precautionary measures to ensure Middlebrooks wouldn't further injury his wrist by taking the him out of the game against the Orioles. While the Red Sox wanted to play it safe Middlebrooks thought otherwise.

"It was just precautionary (to come out of the game). I probably could have stayed in the game and been fine. But they just wanted to make sure everything was alright.

After a successful and difficult 2012 season Middlebrooks was/is looking forward to an injury-free year, so it came was no surprise to hear the young Red Sox third baseman discuss his frustration with tonight's scare.

I was just frustrated, I've been busting my ass trying to get this thing to where I can play and in my head, I was worried there might be a setback and I don't think there's going to be."

Frustrated or not the Red Sox better keep a close eye on their young, star third baseman. With very little depth at the position and Middlebrooks primed for a breakout year, it would be a devastating blow to the Sox organization if a spring training injury kept him out of action - especially for another year.

Currently no x-rays have been scheduled for Middlebrooks and he will be reevaluated on Thursday. 

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