Felix Doubront to take a week off because of shoulder soreness

Already there's concern coming out of the Red Sox organization this week as starting pitcher Felix Doubront will take seven days off from throwing. The young lefty came into spring training with tightness in his forearm, but after a few throwing seasons he noticed some weakness in his throwing shoulder.

Doubront is coming off a breakout rookie season totaling more than 160 innings pitched. Many have suggested that his increased work load in 2012 could be the culprit behind his sudden shoulder soreness (I'll give myself props for that alliteration). Red Sox Nation has high hopes for Felix as he enters his sophomore season with the team.

This past off-season the Red Sox had a complete roster overhaul and, because of this overhaul, the team's chemistry has been a concern coming into spring training. Clearly the Red Sox pitching staff will be called upon, early this season, to keep the team afloat until the rest of the roster has time to gel. 

The Sox can't afford any setbacks in regards to pitching or injuries. They'll need their starting rotation to be much better and more effective then they were in 2012 - assuming of course they feel the urgency to win, again.

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