Ryan Kalish is on the mend both physically and mentally

If there’s one thing both Ryan Kalish and I can agree on it’s the realization that we’re both tired of talking about his injuries. The 24-year old has fallen on hard times as of late in regards to his current injury predicament. Call it the post-surgical blues or perhaps a lack of Vitamin D intake, but the fact remains that his current streak of bad luck is finally weighing on him.

Kalish arrived at the Ft. Myers facility on Wednesday, but with a prognosis of 4-6 month the young outfielder will play the part of a glorified cheerleader until his return. Ryan finally spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon discussing both the frustration of another injury setback this off-season and how he’s been coping with it.

"Well, I mean, honestly I've been really down," Ryan said. "I disappeared. I know I didn't talk to some of you guys and I apologize, but it's just been really tough for me. I really just want to play again, whatever level. Obviously I want to play in the big leagues, but at this point, I'm just tired of being hurt."

At this point there's little anyone can do for the struggling outfielder except encourage him through the recovery process. The Sox will certainly need Kalish to be 100% and ready to go for a strong October push. Of course that's assuming we can get through the next seven months without any major/catastrophic setbacks.

That means get your four leaf clovers out and cross those fingers Red Sox Nation - it's going to be a wild 2013 baseball ride.

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