Hanrahan becoming a starter?

In a surprising turn of events Joel Hanrahan, expected everyday closer for the team, got the start in the opening game of spring training. The role of being a starter is nothing new for Hanrahan who has started 11 games in his major league career compiling a record of 4-3 and a 6.02 ERA. Today Hanrahan was limited to pitching 1 inning today and struck out 2 batters. He gave up 1 hit and threw only 18 pitches, 13 of them being strikes.
The role of starter is not one that fans will typically see Hanrahan in. In fact todays game will probably be the only game that he starts for the team all season. Looking at the start from the role of a closer Hanrahan did his job, he worked quickly and didn't give up any runs, thats a lot more than what can be said about Aceves last season. With win over Northeastern and a win coming shortly over Boston College the Red Sox are working quickly to erase memories of last season.

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