Tale of the Tape: Is Jonny Gomes Millar 2.0?

Last night on Comcast's "The Baseball Show", newcomers Ryan Dempster and Jonny Gomes were asked about the comparison that Gomes has been getting to Kevin Millar.

Let's look at the tale of the tape between the two softball-slugging righties:

Hair: Highlighted tips or terrible mohawk? Pretty boy or tough guy? Take your pick: PUSH

Teeth: As Dempster and Gomes point out, Millar seems to rock some fancy veneers. On the other hand, there are no known photographs of Gomes smiling. PUSH

Strength: Safe to say Millar's fat man-strength is no match for Jonny's yoga body. GOMES

Power: Gomes' career .211 ISO trumps Millar's .178. He also hits home runs in 40% fewer plate appearances than Millar did in his career. GOMES

Defense: Fielding stats are tricky, but going of Fangraph's Fielding Runs Above Average (-37.4 in 880 games for Gomes, -59.4 in 1427 games for Millar) and fielding percentage (.982 for Gomes, .985 for Millar) this one is too close to call. PUSH

Microphone Prowess: Dempster and Gomes made a great point bringing this one up; give Millar a microphone and you will literally never get it back. Gomes doesn't seem like he enjoys interviews too much. MILLAR

Contributions in/to a Red Sox Uniform: Millar brought us "Cowboy Up" in 2003, and all the memories from the 2004 campaighn. Jonny Gomes has done this: MILLAR

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